ENO, 2021 – Located on a steep slope at the intersection of an industrial area and an agricultural, recreational zone. This new workstation for Energie Opfikon AG was an opportunity to reinvent the relationship between architect and contractor.

Involvement: permission clearance, architectural design, execution planning. Collaborating partners: Ronny Estermann, Winfried Böhm, Patric Fischli-Boson, Adrian Humbel, Konrad Willi, Roger Koch, Noemi Brandeis, Nicolas Niggeler, Severin Graf, Martina Wuestet al. Location: Rümlang, Switzerland. Dates: 2017-2022. Photographer: Michael Bühler, FUJIFILM, Pro Instant Color Film, FP-100C, Exp 01-2005
ROOT, 2022 – Built within the regional constraints, while disrupting traditional elements with contemporary interventions. ROOT was built on the land of Stephan’s grandfather, who bought it from the money he saved when he quit smoking.

Involvement: permission clearance, architectural design, execution. Collaborating partners: Daniela Pedroncelli, Dominic Maurer, Manuel Stamm, David Keist, Michael Wichser, Katarina Reinhold, Joshua Schifferle, Nicolas Niggeler, Martina Wuest, Monika Betschart, Josephine FistarHans Bührer, et al. Location: Stetten SH, Switzerland. Dates: 2018-2022. Photographer: Michael Bühler, Polaroid, PolaChrome 35mm, HCP-135-12. ISO 40/17° Exp 02-2004