The excursion with Zurich architect Stephan Buehrer touches on the SAM, Neapolitan lifestyle and South Indian philosophy.

What’s the story behind this picture?
Yesterday, out and about in Basel. After coffee at "Zum Kuss" to "Napoli Super Modern," with friends Michael Bühler, photographer, and Oliver Philipp Frey, Sanskritist.

The current exhibition at the SAM?
Exactly! LAN and Cyrille Weiner present viewers with selected building blocks of the city, cast in images, printed on curtains, and layered in models. Bêka & Lemoine tell their story about the prevailing attitude to life through the film "Homo Urbanus Neapolitanus." The buildings convey a quiet presence which is reinforced by that of the Kunsthalle. And yet the urgent vitality of the renowned port city is palpable. Not endowed with the cutting power of Michael Armitage's neighboring paintings, "You, Who Are Still Alive," but with a soothing subtlety, showing the urban heritage.

And next?
Pizzeria "Vito," Neapolitan. Conversations over iced tea in the shade of the narrow marquee. About Sanskrit, one of the most important cultural and aristocratic languages, in which knowledge was recorded in writing late, using a complex set of grammatical rules. About the ability to perceive conditions in a non-curated way and still make them objectively accessible as images in one's own narrative. The associated loss of security that comes with turning away from social convention. Whether the conscious disregard of universal laws of life limits the spectrum of perception.

Exciting, but the picture?
A screenshot. It shows the unedited process, the corresponding picture note. Photography always as the capture of an event, a feeling, an experience, never as the actual freezing of an object, always of a moment.

Following the theoretical and practical traces of neo-materialism. The architect strives to consciously integrate contingency into communication and building. Always done together with others, et al. The photo was taken in the Zurich Zentralwäscherei, location of the light installation by Rafael Soldani, freelance director. (@rafael_soldani)